ProcessOn Privacy Policy

1. Privacy General

1.1 ProcessOn's Privacy Policy describes what information we collect, why we collect personal information and how we treat it when you use ProcessOn's services.

2. Personal Information and Collection Channel

2.1 Personal Information: Information that you provide to us when you use services at this website, e.g., your name, e-mail address and IP address, which can be used alone or combined to identify you.

2.2 Collection channel of personal information includes personal information that you fill in through various service registration processes, applications, messages and e-mails that you submit to this website, as well as communication information when you contact other users and relevant log information on your visit to services at this website recorded by our servers.

3. Basis and Objective for Collection and Processing of Personal Information

3.1 This website collects and processes this information to protect property security of this website and the users, make it more convenient for users to use our services, improve service quality and provide new services to the users as cleared required in the law and with your clear consent. This website commits to take sufficient measures to keep confidential and protect aforesaid personal information.

3.2 When you submit aforesaid personal information to this website, we will clearly remind you of our objective for, way of, contents of and purpose for collecting and processing the users’ information again. Also, your behavior to use and continue to use our services shall be deemed that you have clearly agreed to our collection and processing of aforesaid personal information.

4. Your Choice

4.1 If you are worried that this privacy policy cannot protect your personal information sufficiently, you may choose not to fill in non-essential personal information, or not to use services provided at this website.

4.2 Although most browsers are default-preset to accept Cookies, you may re-preset your browser to reject all Cookies or ask for special instruction at receipt of Cookies. However, if Cookies are inactivated, some services at this website will be unavailable or service quality will not be so ideal.

4.3 If you believe that our collection and processing of your personal information surpasses the scope allowed by law or breaks our clear commitment, you may complain or raise objection directly or entrust your lawyer to complain or raise objection by contact us (see specific linkage page for our detailed liaison method: ) or request us to cancel your account number and personal information. This website will arrange special personnel to handle aforesaid complaint, objection and request stated or submitted by you properly in a timely manner.

5. Information Security

5.1 This website will take necessary measures to protect your personal information and your documents. These measures include internal examination on our data collection, storage and processing method as well as security measures (including appropriate encryption, website firewall and physical security measures, irregular and regular data backup to prevent unauthorized visit to our system where personal information is stored), and implementation of necessary risk control on organizational architecture, so as to ensure confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of personal information data, for which emergency response plan is worked out.

5.2 This website merely allows those employees, contractors and agents that collect and process personal information on behalf of us and that must acquire this personal information to visit it. All these personnel are bound by confidentiality obligations and accept our irregular security and confidentiality trainings. If they fail to perform these obligations, this website will directly or assist and coordinate the users and public security and judicial organs to investigate and fix their legal liabilities, including but not limited to termination of contract, civil claim, administrative penalty and criminal accuse.

5.3 This website commits that we will refine security protection system of personal information, improve status of personal information protection and improve level of personal information protection on a continuous basis.

6. Processing of Personal Information

6.1 Without your consent, this website will not disclose and provide your personal information to any third party (excluding associated businesses, agents and other service providers that have contractual relationship or transaction with us. These contracts or transactions aim to improve our service quality or develop our new service. This website assures that they enjoy equivalent confidentiality obligations and confidentiality measures as us, and supervises them to delete personal information backed up after their services are over.).

6.2 Without your consent, this website will not publicize your personal information.

6.3 If you have any good reason to request this website to delete your personal information, we will delete it, unless otherwise requested by laws and public security and judicial organs and similar authorities having jurisdiction to keep this information mandatorily. In view of our maintenance mode of some services, after you delete your personal information, this website will delete corresponding remaining information duplicates from our active servers after some time.

6.4 If you discover any mistake in your personal information submitted by you or collected by this website, you may request us to provide convenience for you to visit, or request us to revise or update. This website will look to your request automatically, or revise after verifying relevant information for the purpose of protecting the users’ information security. However, this website may reject the following requests: irrational and repetitive request; request requiring too huge technical efforts; request endangering privacy of others; extremely unrealistic request.

7. Complaint and Recommendation

7.1 If you have any doubt or recommendation on or would like to raise any objection against and complain on this privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us by below e-mail or click here:

7.2 This website commits to respond within 15 days after receipt of your complaint.

8. Basis and Scope of Application

8.1 This policy is formulated by this website as per the Law of the Peoples Republic of China on Resident Identity Cards, Tort Liability Law of the Peoples Republic of China, Telecommunications Regulations of the Peoples Republic of China, Several Regulations on Access to Internet Information Services Market and similar laws and regulations, and with reference to national standard, Guide to Personal Information Protection in Information Security Technology. We will try our best to protect your lawful rights from tort.

8.2 This policy is applicable for all products and services provided at this website.

9. Changes to Privacy Policy

9.1 ProcessOn Team reserves the right to change or modify this Privacy Policy at any time, without prior notice, by posting the modified Privacy Policy on our website. Your continued use of the website or ProcessOn’s services indicates your acceptance of any revised Privacy Policy.

9.2 ProcessOn Team may provide you with notifications that include, without limitation, any changes that are made to this Privacy Policy or our services, by postings on our website or via email to a user.

ProcessOn Team

January 16th, 2016