ProcessOn Terms of Service

Important instructions: ProcessOn hereby reminds you to read all terms of this agreement carefully before you visit and use ProcessOn website, including exception clause to exempt or limit liabilities of ProcessOn and your scope of rights.

If you use service offered by ProcessOn on behalf of your company, you hereby commit to ProcessOn that you have right to represent your company, and your acceptance of this agreement will be automatically deemed that your company has accepted this agreement.

Please do not draft or upload any characters, graphs, pictures, forms, audios and videos or information involving and infringing upon lawful rights and interests such as trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights, rights of reputation and privacy right of others.

This agreement constitutes all agreement entered into by and between the user and this website along with privacy right protection policy and other relevant description (such as the procedures to handle tort) hereof. When the user register and use service at this website, and continues to use service at this website after the agreement is updated, it shall be deemed that the user clearly agrees to and accepts the agreement in whole.

1. Acceptance and Revision of ProcessOn License Agreement

1.1 When you visit and/or use this website, you agree to accept all terms and conditions of this agreement. ProcessOn Team services you based on this agreement as operator of ProcessOn website ( If you are not willing to accept all terms and conditions hereof, please stop visiting or using this website immediately.

1.2 Terms hereof can be updated by ProcessOn Team at any time without separate notification. Revised terms of service shall supersede the original ones and constitute an integral part of these terms upon their messaging at ProcessOn website. You may log in ProcessOn website to look up the latest terms of service at any time.

2. Service Description

2.1 ProcessOn website is a service platform that provides information network storage space and technology for the vast users.

2.2 In view of the limitation to type of service, technical conditions and professional fields at ProcessOn website, it cannot examine legality, accuracy and applicability of the contents submitted by users comprehensively, initiatively and in real time.

2.3 ProcessOn team services the users via internet with its own system. Unless otherwise specified clearly, any new function to reinforce or enhance the current service, including new products and newly-added service, is applicable to this agreement unconditionally.

2.4 ProcessOn team does not assume any responsibility for website service, neither assures that the service will certainly meet requirements of the users in usage, nor assures that the service will not be interrupted, and does not guarantee for promptness, security and accuracy of the service.

3. Service for User

3.1 The user becomes a legal user of ProcessOn website upon his/her successful registration, and will obtain a password and account number. The user shall take proper measures to maintain security of his/her password and account number. The user assumes full responsibility for any activity that he/she carries out with this password and account number; and bears any possible loss or damage arising from such activity. ProcessOn shall not assume any responsibility.

3.2 You promise not to be engaged in the following behaviors when you register and use a ProcessOn account number:

3.3 When the user’s password and account number is used without authorization or comes across any other security problem, the user may notify ProcessOn immediately.The user shall terminate usage of the account number when each connection is over, otherwise the user may not obtain security protection by ProcessOn.

3.4 For the user’s account number that has not been used for more than one year, ProcessOn has right to close it.

3.5 The user is prohibited to be engaged in the following illegal behaviors, including but not limited to:

3.6 The user assumes full responsibility for the content uploaded, put up, e-mailed or transmitted via this website.

For contents transmitted via this website, ProcessOn does not assure their legality, justification, accuracy, integrity or quality mentioned above. When the user accepts service at this website, he/she might contact unpleasant, inappropriate or disgusting content. In any circumstance, ProcessOn does not assume any responsibility for any content, including but not limited to any mistake or omission in any content or any loss or damage derived from it. ProcessOn has right (but is not obliged) to refuse or delete any content provided via this website at his option. The user shall bear the risks on his own when he/she uses said content. ProcessOn has right to save or disclose the content in the following cases:

3.7 Storage and Limitation of User’s Information

ProcessOn does not assume any responsibility for failure to delete or store information released by the user. ProcessOn has right to judge whether the user’s behavior complies with terms of license agreement for this website. If ProcessOn believes that the user violates terms of the agreement, ProcessOn has right to terminate website service provided for him/her.

3.8 ProcessOn is not obliged to take initiative to review, monitor and delete any information that violates the law or infringes upon the right.

4. Content Uploaded or Released at ProcessOn website by the User:

4.1 Content uploaded by the user refers to that uploaded or released by the user at this website, including but not limited to scripts, pictures, forms, graphs, audios and videos.

4.2 The user may choose private (visits by others not allowed) mode, or public mode and share it with visitors to the website. If the user chooses the latter, unless ProcessOn receives the opposite notification, ProcessOn will consider the user as the owner of the rights for the contents uploaded or released by him/her at this website. When the user uploads or releases any content at this website, it shall be deemed that he/she agrees to award to ProcessOn a free-of-charge, irrevocable, indefinite, transferrable and non-exclusive license for all said contents worldwide, and ProcessOn has right to demonstrate, spread and popularize said contents, and has right to reproduce, revise, publish, release and use in other ways said contents in any form or authorize a third party to reproduce, revise, publish, release and use in other way.

4.3 The user shall assume full responsibility for any claim by a third party or any damage or loss deprived of it arising from the user’s uploading or releasing said contents at this website.

4.4 For the user’s aforesaid illegal behaviors conducted at this website, we will take any necessary measure within legal authorization to punish and investigate and fix responsibilities on the user, including but not limited to frosting or cancelling his/her authority in part, cancelling his/her account, announcing and criticizing at website, warning his/her behaviors in public, and handing over to public security and judicial organs.

5. Export and International Use

ProcessOn provides and controls service with facilities in the PRC. ProcessOn does not guarantee that the service provided or controlled is appropriate and feasible in other countries or regions. When you use ProcessOn service in other jurisdictions, you shall ensure that you observe local laws and legal regulations at your option. ProcessOn does not assume any responsibility for this.

6. Link to A third Party

Service at this website might provide links to other international internet websites or resources. ProcessOn does not assume the responsibility to guarantee whether said websites or resources can be utilized or not. ProcessOn does not assume any responsibility for any loss or damage arising from usage of or dependence on said websites or resources either.

7. ProcessOn website’s Intellectual Property Right and Other Rights

7.1 ProcessOn enjoys full copyrights, trademark rights and the lawful rights and interests under the protection of Anti—unfair Competition Act for contents used and released at this website (including but not limited to software, text, pictures, audio-visual data, typographic design for website and commercial marks), service process at website as well as database and data therein edited, selected and created in particular. Nobody shall use said contents in various forms without clear license and authorization of ProcessOn.

7.2 ProcessOn enjoys nonexclusive, free-of-charge, global, time limit-free, right-and-variety-limitation-free, irrelevant to assignment of user’s authorship right, re-licensable or re-assignable right to use various contents uploaded and released at this website. The user shall not license or assign to any third party that compete against our core products either. However, this does not affect the user to assume legal responsibilities for illegality of the contents released and uploaded by himself/herself on his/her own..

7.3 The user enjoys non-exclusive right to use software used at this website for the purpose of this agreement and usage of services at this website, and is limited to temporary reproduction and legal and rational usage only, and shall not permit any third party to exercise rights that originally belong to ProcessOn, and shall not be engaged in reverse engineering directly or indirectly.

8. Exception Statement

8.1 ProcessOn does not guarantee authenticity, accuracy and integrity of any information and contents of others or any information of advertisement and propaganda obtained from this website (hereinafter referred to as “Information”). If any organization or individual has any behavior through said “Information”, he/she shall judge the authenticity and prevent risks at his option, otherwise this website or ProcessOn does not bear and assume any direct, indirect, incidental or derived loss and responsibility for any transaction and/or behavior that takes place directly with this website regardless of any reason.

8.2 ProcessOn has right but is not obliged to improve or correct any omission and mistake in any part of this website.

8.3 ProcessOn does not guarantee that (including but not limited to):

9. Third Party’s Liabilities

In case of any claim of rights by any third party due to the user’s upload or release of contents at this website, connection thereto, violation of these terms of service or infringement upon any right of others, the user agrees to compensate ProcessOn and his branches, affiliated corporations, agent or other partners and employees, and indemnify them from damage.

10. Termination of Service

ProcessOn has right to terminate service (or any part) at this website temporarily or permanently at any time. ProcessOn does not assume any responsibility for the user and any third party for his termination of service at this website. ProcessOn has right to terminate the user’s account number, password or use of this service, or delete and shift the user’s contents saved and released in this service at any excuse. ProcessOn may take said actions without notification, and does not assume any responsibility for the user and any third party.

12. Notification

ProcessOn gives notification to the user via e-mail or message in pages. When terms of this agreement are revised or other items are altered, ProcessOn will give notification in a form mentioned above.

13. Applicability and Jurisdiction of Law

Laws of the PRC are applicable for effectiveness, performance, interpretation and settlement of disputes hereof. Any dispute in connection herewith shall be submitted by either party to the court having jurisdiction where ProcessOn’s Operator is registered. Where these terms of service are void in part due to their conflict with prevailing PRC laws, effect of other parts shall not be affected.

13.1 The user shall observe the following laws and legal regulations:

ProcessOn Team

January 16th, 2012